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If you liked FruitPot 1 you will love FruitPot 2: similar gameplay but with all new stores and mini-games, and set in the 80s.

* Innovative ever-changing fruit machine slot.

* More than 15 mini-games that appear as you progress through the game.

* Original gameplay where you have to spend the Bucks you get at the games buying items in stores at the mall.

* Great sounds and graphics.

* No internet connection is required to play, also no personal data gathering or subscriptions.

* 100% Accessible with VoiceOver, as it always should be.


More than 1000 levels, fruits of all sorts and shapes, and 5 types of kitchen utensils to catch all the fruits.

Based on the classic sea battle game but now with kitchen utensils and fruits, instead of bombs and ships. Original new rules, many more ways to locate your opponents' fruits, but remember not to hit the ice cubes, or you’ll be frozen one turn.

Ultra-fast games thanks to the variety of utensils. Locate the fruits with the spoons, cut them with the knives, crush them with the blenders or catch whole fruits with the tongs, just plan your moves to locate all the fruits before your opponent does.


Enjoy the best features of slot machines, puzzles, and life simulation games, mixed in the most amusing experience ever!

96% Five Star Reviews can't be wrong!

All the excitement of slot machines combined with original challenges:

* Heaps of FREE CHIPS, prizes, and surprises at your fingertips.

* Enjoy slots, lucky wheel, card games, roulette, and many more bonus games!

* Test your skills on the highly entertaining fruit machine with its classic ‘nudge’, ‘hold’ and ‘bet’ buttons.

* Fill the FruitPot, win the Jackpot and watch your fortune grow.

* Spend the chips you’ve earned on products in the stores, collect new symbols and earn bigger prizes.


Smash the Gangs

Gather your favorite cards and fight the outlaws in +75 missions!

Defeat the bandits and get Stars and Wollars to improve your team and buy projectiles, coffee and snake oil.

● 75 missions, +100 hero cards

● Strategy mode + Kick and Punch mode

● No network connection needed.

● Play on iPhone, iPad and iPod, both vertical and landscape.

● Nice music, sound effects and sportscaster comments.

● 100% VoiceOver accessible.


From the creators of FruitPot, comes a new game with much more than just slots.

Westopia starts as a promising old west caravans settlement and your mission is to build farms, stores, the saloon, and various buildings until it becomes a big city.

Each building contains a different slot machine with its own symbols. There are more than fifty slots, many accessory games, and countless hours of fun.


● More than 50 different slots with specific symbols.

● 3,4,5, and even 6 reels slot machines.

● One-liners and Three-Liners slots with nudges, holds, and bets.

● Win Big Jackpots, and Collect Tokens.

● Several additional games of chance including Dice, Lucky Wheel, and Plinko.

● A challenging plot where you have to increase the population while avoiding bandits and natural disasters.

● No network connection is needed.

● Play on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, both vertical and landscape.

● Save your games, share your progress between your devices.

● High contrast color mode for easier visibility.

● 100% VoiceOver ready.


Mr.Pinball: Dinosaurs

Enjoy this amazing arcade game with beautiful graphics and suitable for all ages. Ready for your iPhone and iPad.

Have fun playing in four magnificent scenarios where you have to:

* Save a brontosaurus without disturbing the raptors and the triceratops.

* Feed fish to the aquatic dinosaurs before pterodactyls arrive.

* Help baby dinos to break the eggshell evading the archaic mammals.

* Hit the volcano dodging the T-Rex and avoiding lava. Watch out for the geysers!

Three difficulties:

* Normal: Very addictive gameplay.

* Hard: You'll have to concentrate to the maximum.

* Extreme: Only a master will be able to succeed.

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