The best slots in town!

Westopia is a new slots game with an original plot where you have to make grow an old west town, from the caravans of the pioneers to a big city. Spend the money won on the slots building new places like the saloon, farms, stores... and thereby acquiring new slots. Once you have got a minimum of inhabitants and places, You have to deal also with some disasters, like robbing mobs and tornados that might destroy one of your buildings unless you act quickly. This plot makes the slots exciting and much less repetitive than ordinary ones. You'll find many different types of slots: one-liners, multi-liners, from three to six reels, three types of jackpots, lucky wheel, dice, etc. The game has beautiful hand-drawn graphics but is also 100% accessible for blind gamers and features optional solid colors and visual helps for low vision gamers. Other remarkable features are that it doesn’t need any Internet connection, doesn’t gather user information, doesn't show any ads, and it’s translated to English, Spanish, French, and German.

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